Sabudana cutlet

Sabudana cutlet


Sabudana(sago)- 1.5 cup

Potatoes- 3 boiled & mashed

Cumin seeds-1 tsp

Red chilli powder-1 tsp

Rock salt to taste

Ginger- 1/2 inch piece

Green chillies-3

Pea nuts- 1 bowl(50 gm)

Cashew finely chopped- 2 tbsp

Almonds finely chopped-2 tbsp

Lemon juice of 1 lemon

Coriander leaves


1. Soak sabudana overnight.

2. Roast pea nuts in a wok,then remove skin and crush them.

3. Crush ginger and green chilli in a mortar and pestle.

4. In a mixing bowl add sabudana, potatoes,pea-nuts, cashew,almond,cumin seeds,red chilli powder, rock salt,crushed ginger green chilli, lemon juice, coriander leaves.Now mix it well.

5. Put some oil on your hands and start making Tikki.

6. On a non stick tawa drop some oil then place Tikkis.Cook over medium heat.Here you can deep fry too.

7.  After some time flip over Tikkis & cook till light golden brown.Then take out in a plate.

8. Now place Tikkis in a serving plate serve with shrikhand.

You can have it with curd too.

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