Fresh Coconut Burfi


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This time we are making a series of festive food for Diwali Occasion. First recipe of this series is “ Fresh Coconut Burfi” . So keep watching our recipe videos. Stay Tuned 🙂

Fresh Coconut  Burfi 


Fresh Coconut Powder – 3.5 cups

Full Cream Milk- 1 Cup

Sugar – 1.5 cup

Ghee – 1 tsp

Dry fruits


  1. For this burfi recipe we have taken 2 whole coconuts, after breaking them we roughly chopped coconut.We need clean brown part for this you can use a peeler or grater to clean that part.

2.  When we are with cleaning part add chopped coconuts into a jar to make fine powder.Do not
add a drop of water.

3.  Add this coconut powder into a wok. Keep stirring it because we do not want to change its

colour.  We need to burn excess water of coconut.Within 4-5 will notice that coconut

is dry enough  .Now add full cream milk.And stir well.

4.  After couple of min.add sugar and cook this mixture till it becomes dry enough.While cooking

this mixture will pop up so better you cover it.Cook this mixture on medium high flame.Add

any chopped  dry fruits .

5.  When mixture becomes dry turn off flame . To check burfi is done or not , take small small

portion of mixture try to make a ball, if it’s not forming a ball then cook it again for 5 min.more.

You can add here cardamom powder if you wish.

6.  Take a greased plate/ container or you can put a butter paper too.Pour hot mixture into that

plate.Spread evenly finally apply or brush ghee on top of it.Give it a time to cool down, then

place it into refrigerator for half an hour to one hour.

7.  Take out then cut it according to your desired shape.Serve it Enjoyyyy

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