Baafla Baati | Rajasthani Platter

Hey everyone, a journey to Rajasthan delicacy again… Today we are presenting Rajasthani dish “Bafla Baati”. Please like and share.Enjoyyyy

Baafla Baati | Rajasthani Platter


  1. Wheat flour- 3 bowls
  2. Suji- 1 bowl
  3. Carom seeds/ajwain-1 tsp
  4. Oil – 7-8 tbsp
  5. Soda powder-1/4 tsp
  6. Turmeric-1/2 tsp
  7. Salt-2 tsp


* In a mixing plate add all above mentioned ingredients.

* Add water gradually and knead tight dough.Knead it well.

* Now make equal size of balls make k small hole to give an impression.

* Add all baatis in boiling water,stir it sometimes so that baatis won’t stick.

* When you find that baatis are floating and light in weight,then take out them in a plate.And let them cool.

* Place all baatis in hot tandoor on medium high heat,cover it.You have to keep an eye on baatis,and roast them from all over sides.For this you have to flip baati in sometimes.

* When baatis are done then take one baati break it and fill ghee in it,and be generous to add ghee.

* This process makes soft baati, and in Rajasthan it is called Bafla Baati . 

  • This Bafla Baati is to be serve with urad-chana mix daal,Churma Laddu,lehsun-lalmirch chutney and pyaj-tamatar-lemon salad accompanied by glass of Chaas. Enjoyyyy 😄

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