Prasad for Satyanarayan Pooja

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This time we came with Prasad recipe.

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Satyanarayan Prasad


  1. 1 Cup- Sooji / Semolina
  2. 1 Cup- Ghee
  3. 2 Cups- Milk
  4. 1/2 cup To 3/4 Cup- Sugar
  5. 1 Piece- Ripe Banana Slices
  6. 3-4 Tbsp- Ghee ( to fry banana )
  7. Dry Fruits of your choice
  8. 1 Tsp- Cardamom Powder


Take a wok and add ghee. When ghee is heated enough then add banana slices and fry for 4-5 minutes.After some time slices will become soft and it will form like a paste. You can check it in our video too. Then take it out in a bowl and keep it aside.

In same pan add more ghee  about 1 cup and add sooji or semolina.Now stir it till semolina or sooji turns into light brown in colour.

Now add milk and stir continuously so there no lumps will form.When mixture starts to change its colour again then add sugar.Now mix it till sugar dilutes.

Add fried banana mixture and give it a good mix. Add some cardamom powder and some dry fruits.Mix all well and satyanarayan prasad is ready to offer to Almighty.


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