Quick Strawberry Cake

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Super excited to show you new recipe which was loved by everyone, that is “Quick Strawberry Cake”. This was really a quick recipe which we enjoyed to make.It was hassle free too, and most important who have less confidence in baking for them it will be very helpful. Please check this out. And yes don’t forget to subscribe our channel . Thank You 🙂

Quick Strawberry Cake


  1. Brown Bread Slices -5
  2. Whipped Cream – As Required
  3. Strawberry Crush – 2 Tbsp ( require 1 tbsp crush for colour )
  4. Water – as required
  5. Chopped Strawberries – as required
  6. Basil Leaves – as required


For this cake we require fresh Brown bread slices , you can choose white bread slices too.

Cut the edges of all bread slices.

In a bowl add strawberry crush & water to make liquid consistency.

Apply small amount of whipped cream on a plate where we are going to assemble the cake. Applying cream will help to stick bread.

Now evenly apply liquid crush on top of the bread, it will keep bread moist.You can use here water or sugar syrup.All process will work the same.

Now apply whipped cream evenly, then put some chopped strawberries and cover it with another bread slice.again apply crush, whipped  cream & strawberries.

Repeat this process till the last one.Finally cover from all sides with whipped cream.

In a bowl take 1/4 cup of whipped cream & add crush ,mix it well. This is done for garnishing purpose only.

In a plastic cover pour this mixture and cut it from end, see this detailed description on our video.

Time to show your creativity on cake, garnish with some strawberries & basil leaves.

Its done , you can take the help of kids they too will enjoy while assembling this cake. Enjoyyyy


Here we took readymade whipped cream


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