Lemon Chutney



Hi All,

Today we brought a side dish for parathas, puri etc.”Lemon Chutney” .

Many families used to make many dishes from Lemons like Pickle, Black Lemon pickle, chutney etc. This recipe is doesn’t contain any preservative , but you can store for long time too.So plz check this recipe, and give your valuable feedbacks. Thank You Very Much 🙂 Happy Cooking

Lemon Chutney


  1. 6 – Lemons
  2. 8-10:4-5– Black pepper and cloves powder
  3. Pinch of – asafoetida
  4. 1 TSP – fennel seeds powder
  5. Black salt to taste
  6. Normal salt to taste
  7. 1/4 TSP – Red chilli powder
  8. 1.5 Cups – Sugar


Take 6 lemons ( medium-size lemons ) and wash them properly.

Pat them dry with a cloth. They should not be wet.

Cut them into four pieces. Remove all the seeds from lemons.


In a grinder grind all lemons into a thick paste.


Heat up a pan add lemon’s thick paste. Now add black pepper & cloves powder, asafoetida,Fennel seeds powder, black salt, normal salt, red chilli powder.

Now mix well. After couple of minutes add sugar and cook it till sugar dilutes. This chutney will be runny in texture.

You can have this chutney with chapati, paratha,  stuffed paratha etc. You can store this chutney for a long time too. Initially it will taste little bitter but next day it will taste good. Enjoyyyy Happy Cooking 🙂



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