Rajasthani Lapsi

Rajasthani Lapsi


1. Wheat Daliya- 1 cup

2. Jaggery/gur- 3/4 cup to 1 cup

3. Ghee- 3 tbsp

4. Water- 2.5 cups to 3 cups

5. Dry fruits of your choice


1. Heat a wok on gas stove now add ghee in it then fry Daliya till golden brown in colour.


2. In another pan boil jaggery and water,when jaggery melts turn off flame.

3. Strain boil water through tea strainer,so that all impurities of jaggery remain in strainer.

4. Now cook Daliya till its granules get soften.It will take time to cook.

5. When water evaporate and Daliya is cooked ,turn off flame.

6. Garnish with dry fruits and ghee.Serve hot.Enjoyyyy  :))


1. Water measurement is also depend on granules of daliya.If you have fine small granules then you will require less water but if you have big one then more water you will require.

2. For sweetener,jaggery also comes in different varieties. We are using jaggery that is a block one and not so much sweet.

So you can adjust according to your taste.

3.Lapsi is a traditional recipe of Rajasthan,and we make it specially on any auspicious day.Lapsi is generally serve with kadhi-pakodi,rice,sabji & roti.

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