Khajoor / Dates Roll


Hi to All,

Presenting a winter special sweet dish  Khajoor / Dates Roll.

It’s super easy to make it, and tastes much much better than market bought.And it is the easiest way to feed Dates to kids also. And We are showing you a super quick method to make it. So make it at home and enjoy with your friends and family. Thank You 🙂 …. Happy Cooking

Khajoor / Dates Roll


  1. 500 gm- Dates
  2. 2 tablespoon – Chopped Almonds
  3. 2 tablespoon – Chopped Pistachio
  4. 2 tablespoon – Chopped Cashew
  5. 1 teaspoon – Cardamom Powder
  6. 1+1 Tbsp- Ghee
  7. 1 Tbsp- Roasted Poppy Seeds


Add ghee in a pan and fry dry fruits till light brown.Take them out in a plate and keep it aside.

Take 500 gm dates, if you can get seedless dates that is much better but if you can’t find out then remove seeds from dates. Add all seedless dates in a mixer jar and crush them.

See dates texture in our video please.

Add ghee in a pan add crushed dates and cook them for sometime. But you need to stir it . Slowly-slowly this mixture will start to leave edges and it will form like a dough.

At this time add dry fruits which one we kept earlier and cardamom powder too. And give it a good mix. Then remove this mixture from pan to plate.

When it is warm we need to roll if mixture cools down then it will be hard to roll. For this apply 1 tbsp of ghee on the table or platform.

Sprayed ghee evenly ,Now roll the mixture gently in a log shape. Check this process in our video .

After that sprinkle some roasted poppy seeds and some fried dry fruits.

gently roll all around on poppy seeds and dry fruits. Then take a aluminium foil keep the roll on it and roll in aluminium foil tightly. Keep this Roll in refrigerator for two hours. After two hours cut in a circle shape and remove aluminium foil. Enjoyyyy

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