Market like mango juice ( Bilsaaru ) at home

Bilsaru is a juice recipe from Rajasthan. It is different mango juice recipe which is not prepared in every home regularly. For this recipe we use garden fresh mangoes.

Small Mango- 1.5 kg
Sugar- 2 cups
Saffron-7-8 strings ( optional)
Soak saffron in luke warm water
1. First of all wash all mangoes.
2. We will soften mangoes by hands and will remove stem end cavity.Then we will take out juice and strain in a container.
3. Now we will put that container on flame and let it boil.
4. After some time we will add saffron and boil it till 10 -15 min.
5. Then let it cool down completely.( you can refrigerated too)
6. In a serving glass pour juice and add ice cubes then Enjoyyyyy

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