Peanuts Chikki / Brittle

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Fever for Makar sankranti festival is on 😀

This chikki recipe is very famous in winter season too.It is very healthy & nutritious too.So Try this recipe and enjoy in winter & with festival too. Thank You .Happy Cooking

Peanuts Chikki / Brittle


  1. 1 Cup— Peanuts
  2. 1 Cup— Jaggery
  3. 1 tbsp— Ghee
  4. 2 tbsp— Water


First dry roast peanuts in a wok, then after roasting transfer into a plate and then with a plain bowl surface or masher etc.crush semi peanuts and remove skins.

But if you are using market bought roasted and skinless peanuts then leave this step.

Add jaggery into a wok add 2 tbsp of water. Now boil this for 3-4 minute on medium high heat.Add in 1 tbsp of ghee too.

To check proper proper consistency add a drop of jaggery into a bowl of water . When jaggery forms like a ball that means it is ready. For this step check our video please.

Now turn off heat and add peanuts, mix well. And quickly pour into a greased plate or butter paper plate. Take a plain surface bowl , apply some oil on back side and quickly press peanuts evenly.

After a minute give desired shape cuts ( if you cut chikki when it is cool down then it will be hard to cut ) .

When it is cool down then store in a container and Enjoyyyy 🙂

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