Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle


  1. Raw mango -2 kg.
  2. Turmeric powder-40 gm
  3. Red chilli powder-100 gm

( I used guntur chilli,at home i made powder of that chilli and it was not spicy at all so i took

200 gm)

4.   Salt -200 gm ( add slowly at one time,taste it then add more salt)

5.   Mustard seeds -60 gm

6.   Yellow mustard seeds-40 gm

7.   Fenugreek seeds -200 gm

8.   Fennel seeds/saunf -100 gm

9.   Asafoetida – 4-5 gm

10. Bengal gram/chana daal-100 gm

11. Mustard Oil – 1 litre ( you may require more)


1. First step is to choose good raw mango and cut them in desired shape.You can do this process             in market too,i did it.

2. Then with a damp cloth wipe all slices of mango.Then spread on paper or cloth to dry it completely.

3. When it is dry then sprinkle turmeric powder,and mix well with hands.

4. Heat a wok now we will roast some ingredients : chana daal,Fenugreek seeds,Fennel seeds/    saunf,Mustard seeds/raai,yellow mustard seeds.Roast them separately and till light brown.

5. Keep about 4-5 tbsp of yellow mustard seeds in a bowl separately.

6. Now coarsely grind all roasted spices in a grinder.But do not grind chana daal

7. Heat mustard oil about 1/2 litre in a wok,then turn off gas flame.Do not add all the ingredients in hot oil.When its warm we will start adding spices.

8. So first of all we will add powdered asafoetida/hing in oil. (in this oil you can add cloves/laung too.)

9. Then goes chana daal,yellow mustard seeds,grounded spice mix,salt,turmeric powder and red chilli powder.

10. Mix it well and let it cool down completely.

11. When this pickle mixture is ready now add all mango slices,mix spice very well.I preferred my hands 😀 😀 😀 but you can use spatula too.Then add all this in a glass bottle or specially made a jar/bottle for pickle.And cover with muslin cloth tightly.

12. You can put this bottle in sun too or in a dry place,give it a time of 24 hours.

13.After 24 hours or more heat mustard oil in a wok and again let it cool down completely,When oil is completely cool then add it in pickle jar( oil you can add more too, all mango slices should be sink in oil.

14. Now Pickle is ready gradually all slices will be soft,taste it with paratha,puri or achari masala sabji etc. Enjoyyyyy 🙂

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