Mohan Thal | Besan Burfi

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Diwali is almost arrived, so prepare this sweet recipe called “ Mohan Thaal”. After Diwali this sweet can remain fresh. Serve to your family & friends and get lots of compliments. For more recipe update you can install our app too, for app installation link is given below in description box. Enjoyyyy 🙂

Mohan Thaal



Besan / Gram flour – 500 gm

Sugar – 500 gm

Ghee for dough- 4-5 tbsp

Milk for dough- around 1 cup

Milk for sugar syrup-1 cup

Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp

Ghee for deep frying

For Garnishing :

Coconut powder

Almonds & Cashews julienne

Pistachio julienne


1. Take gram flour / besan in a big plate, add ghee in it ( for moyan). Combine well ,besan mixture will be crumbly.Then add milk and start kneading the stiff dough.

2. Take small balls portion from dough, you can give shape like tikki or round but here we are giving different shape ,in Rajasthan it is called Pindi.For this shape process Please watch our video.

3. After making pindis, heat ghee in a pan for deep frying. Fry them till golden brown colour.Then take out in a plate and let them cool.

4. When pindis are cool down then break them coarsely and add in a mixer jar.Grind them but do not make fine powder.Add grinded powder into a sieve / sifter.  While doing this process you will get big pieces of pindis,so again grind and sieve ,repeat this process till yo get powder from all pindis.

5. Heat a big wok / pan and dry roast this powder, do not add ghee at this moment.Roast them till light brown and when you touch powder you will find it like sand.Keep aside this powder.

6. To make sugar syrup add sugar and 1.5 glass of water, boil it. To get crystal clear syrup add milk when sugar is dissolved completely. After some time you will get impurities from sugar is foaming. Then remove them with a help of spoon.After few minutes you will get crystal clear syrup .

7. For this recipe we require syrup of 1 thread. You can find detail process in our video. To check 1 thread syrup we have shown 2 methods in our video. When syrup is ready add cardamom powder, You can add here yellow food colour too, but we did not use it.

8. In syrup add powder and quickly mix it, if you find it bit tight then add a tsp of hot milk.(For this recipe keep hot milk ready.)  and about 6-7 tbsp of ghee, and mix well.

9. This mixture should be completely cool in wok. Check that wok, when you find it’s cool down completely then only pour this mixture in a greased plate or butter paper applied pan. Spread it evenly, and tap plate so that air will come out.

10. Sprinkle coconut powder, almonds, cashews julienne & pistachio julienne. Let it set for about an hour. Or you can keep it for 2-3 hours too. When it is set then only cut them into your desired shape . This sweet can stay for long time too. Serve to your guests this Diwali. Enjoyyyy 🙂

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