Coconut Modak

Ganpati Bappa Morya 

So ganpati festival is today only and we all ready to welcome Ganpati Bappa.

May lord full fill everyone’s wishes .

So for this day we brought very quick yet delicious recipe Fresh Coconut Modak

Today you all will be very busy in cooking so this recipe will be very helpful because it takes less time, less ingredients and without ghee. 🙂 Yesssss, so try it let us know your valuable feedbacks . Thank You 

Coconut Modak


1 – Fresh Coconut Grated ( around 2 cups )

2 – Cups Full Cream Milk

1 – Cup Sugar

1 Tbsp – Almond Chopped

1 Tbsp – Cashews Chopped

1 Tbsp – Pistachio Chopped


In a pan add grated coconut ( remove brown part of coconut ) .

Then add milk into it and mix it.

Cook this mixture till milk reduces to half ,it will take 5-6 min.on medium high heat.

Now add sugar and dry fruits and then mix it well.

Sugar will release water so again cook it till mixture gets dry ( all moisture will evaporate ).

Then turn off heat and let this mixture cool down completely, you can refrigerate it for an hour or half an hour.

Then take a greased modak mould and fill in that and make modak ,for this step check our video.

Serve Modak to Lord Ganesh Ji First. 🙂


You can  add mace and nutmeg or cardamom powder according to your preference.

Cook it on medium high heat flame.

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