pneumonia, liver problem, skin problem, injury and Sprain remedy with this pudding !!!!

Hi there,

Today we are sharing a very healthy sweet dish for winter ,specially, season.That is “Turmeric Halwa”, yes you are right turmeric halwa 😀 ..

We all know good qualities and benefits of turmeric. We usually have turmeric 1 spoon in whole day, but this method will increase quantity in our daily food. So guys please have a look ,and make it then share your views with us. Thank You.. Happy Cooking 🙂

Turmeric Halwa


  1. 250gm – peeled & grated raw turmeric
  2. 1 Litre – Milk
  3. 150 gm – Sugar
  4. 1 Big Spoon- Ghee
  5. Dry Fruits – as you desired


Take a heavy bottom wok, add in milk. Let the milk boil , till stir it.

When milk starts to boil then add in raw grated turmeric. Now stir it.

We need to stir it and cook till turmeric absorb whole milk. See this in our video.

When it becomes thick like halwa consistency then add in sugar and ghee , again cook it. You can add more ghee into it if you wish.

After adding sugar halwa will be watery, so cook till this mixture will start leaving sides of wok.

Add in dry fruits, mix well  and serve hot .Enjoyyyy


You eat this halwa but in small quantity. Whenever you need it ,make it warm or hot then have couple of spoons.It’s good for health. You can store in refrigerator for long.

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